Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Want to know a little bit about me?

I am a mother of 6, including twins. As a stay-at-home mom and wife of a contractor, my 'job' is to find ways to make family memories, attempt to keep the house clean, and make food my family will actually eat. Often, I remind myself that as much as I’d love to be ‘the perfect mom,’ that mom doesn’t really exist anywhere. But what I can help make happen is a mostly happy home most of the time. For everyone else - and me. I want other moms to have the same feeling!


Our kids span the ages. We have a daughter about to graduate high school, tween twin boys (say that 10 times fast), two grade-school age, and one in preschool. Sharing stories and what I’ve learned from them you will get to know about all of us, minus Mr. E, who enjoys being more behind-the-scenes.


At one point in time, we had five kids ages five and younger. It was a necessity to learn quickly faster ways of doing...EVERYTHING, so I could do what was most important to me, spending time with my family. Sometimes as moms, we need to find a faster way so there is time left to take care of ourselves, too! Over the years of fumbling around trying to find what worked for my family and me, I created some really good systems that will save you from the trial-and-error periods I went through.


I share what I think might be helpful for other moms. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes, find places to go with your family, recipes to make life easier, or get a good laugh from my stories. It’s all to help busy moms - to save time, energy, and your sanity.

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