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Author, Sandra Egan. She is also the creator of Happiness Not Perfection &The Picky Eater Project.

Saving moms one creative
idea at a time!

It's me...Sandra Dee! On a mission to save moms their time, energy, and sanity! Need to know who I am and how I could possibly know enough to help you? Head over to the About page.

Now on to the good stuff...This page is all for you! If you get discouraged with one (or many) of the daunting tasks we do as moms (or mother figures) then I got you! Especially if you are into "out of the box" thinking! LOL

Picky Eaters? Not enough time in the day? Laundry a mile high? Trying to feed the proverbial army? Need someone to cheer you on?

Then let me help! I'm here to share all the mistakes I have made(too many to count) so you can learn from them too, and share ALL THE THINGS that have WORKED!

The Picky Eater Project (PEP)

Have a picky eater? I have been there too but no more driving yourself crazy trying to get them to eat. It's a new approach to an old problem!

The Blog

Get small doses of all the time, energy, and sanity savings systems/tips here!


A newly found passion of mine is to create useful information and turn it into a super cute freebie just or you!


Sometimes our lives aren't one-size fits all. Let me help you customize a way to save you time, energy and your sanity! Click the button below to fill out a form of what you need help with the most!

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The Blog

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