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I'm a sucker for finding new and improved ways to stay organized. From organizing a drawer to a whole room...I have been practicing for years! We have down sized a few times and added a few more kids (yes, we did it backwards). All of it is worth living where we get to live now. So, anything I find(or have done), I  will share here!


Yes, its similar to organization because you will become more productive. I view it seperatly because there are systems that can be created specifically for productivity...if I find it and it will be here for you!


Picky kid meals, dinners, lunches on-the-go (and at home), snacks and breakfast recipes too! Fun activities before or during mealtimes will be here! Making food fun help make wonderful memories...a side affect has been more interest in food, where it comes from and how its grown. Use this to your advantage, I will share all the goods here!

Home Life

So if you don't know yet...we live on a mini farm! It's a big part of my life and you might be entertained by everything that appens here. OR you might be on a mini farm yourself(or on the fence about having one yourself), you can see what works and what doesn't(it's ok to laugh at us...we do all the time!).

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